$100 Prize Experiences


Prize #5: Caramel Apples with Mrs. Marquez

  • What:  Yummy Fall Fun! Dippin’ and decoratin’ delicious apples with Mrs. Marquez.
  • When: 3-4 p.m. Friday, November 18
  • Where: Thompson Park
  • Who: Mrs. Marquez
  • Parent Notes: Please pick up your student by 4 p.m. in the park under pavilion. In the event of rain, activity will move inside to the teacher’s lounge. 


Prize #6: Lunch with a friend

  • What: Enjoy lunch with your favorite friend from your grade. 
  • When: Regularly scheduled lunchtime, Friday, November 11
  • Where: If you are in K-2nd grade, you and your friend can sit anywhere in the cafeteria. If in 3-5 grade, you and your friend can take your sack or hot lunch anywhere in the school. 
  • Who: PTO
  • Parent Notes: Students must bring or buy their lunch. Lunch is NOT provided. 


Prize #7: Chew a pack of gum for the day!

  • What: Chew, chew, chew gum all day long. 
  • When: Friday, November 11.  
  • Where: A pack of gum will be delivered to your class in the morning.
  • Who: PTO
  • Parent Notes: N/A


Prize #8: Read-in with Mr. Orbanosky

  • What: Bring a comfy pillow, blanket and book. Find your nook and enjoy a good book. 
  • When: 3-4 p.m. Tuesday, November 15
  • Where: Mr. Orbanosky’s Classroom
  • Who: Mr. Orbanosky
  • Parent Notes: Please pick up your student at the Moonlight School display inside by the library.