DASH Prize Experiences


FUNdraising is even more FUN with our unique prize experiences!

Here’s how it works: Students solicit pledges from friends, relatives and neighbors. Supporters can donate per lap or simply make a flat donation to the PTO.  After the run, students collect donations based on their pledges and their personal performance in the run. Students are awarded prizes based on how much money they raise.

A few years ago, the PTO tried something new—we did away with the hardgood prizes typical of jogathons. In lieu of toys and such that were often poorly made and wasteful, we introduced greener, unique prize ‘experiences’. These prize experiences were a HUGE hit with the students over the past few years, and they’re back again this year!

Click on the different goal levels to learn more about this year’s DASH prize experiences. All students must complete the permission form on the back of the Dash envelope to participate in a prize experience.

$50 Prize Experiences

$75 Prize Experiences

$100 Prize Experiences

$125 Prize Experiences

$150 Prize Experiences


$200 Prize Experiences

$250 Prize Experiences

$325 Prize Experience

Grand Prize Experiences

The Fine Print: Some events are subject to be canceled or rescheduled due to circumstances beyond our control. Students 8 and under must have parent supervision, unless otherwise noted. Parents provide transportation, unless otherwise noted. 

Please contact Tina Stott if you any concerns regarding your prize experience.