Moonlight School 

In keeping with our school’s IB mission, the PTO supports fundraisers and programs to benefit our sister school—Moonlight Nursery and Primary School in Uganda. A portionTH pics 2012 034 of the proceeds from last year’s FireHawk Dash helped Moonlight build a new brick classroom.

With help from a Central parent and the local nonprofit Think HumanityCentral Elementary School began its relationship with Moonlight School in fall 2012.

Located in Buhanika, Uganda, Moonlight School sits in the bush far from any modern cities. There is no plumbing or electricity in the village. The one school serves the 200 boys and girls that live in the area.

CIMG0527Last year, a windstorm destroyed the school’s campus, taking down the wooden shacks that had served as makeshift classrooms.

Only one building still stands—a brick classroom that was built in 2015, only a few months before the storm.

Funding for this new building was made possible by contributions from Central Elementary School, Think Humanity, the Red Thread Craft Bazaar, Red Frog Coffee, and Longmont Suzuki Strings, as well as individual donors.

The school completed construction of a second brick classroom last year, thanks in part to funds raised from the 2016 Red Thread Craft Bazaar. The school recently completed construction of a third brick building, thanks to our contribution from the Firehawk Dash.

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As part of the IB curriculum, Central students have sent letters, pictures and even homemade friendship bracelets to their Moonlight counterparts. Additionally, students organized fundraisers, which helped Moonlight build classroom desks and a play structure, obtain lifesaving mosquito bed nets, and purchase much-needed supplies.

Through the years, Moonlight students have responded with thank you letters, drawings, photos, and videos of their own Bunyoro tribal dances. 20150407_111352_resized (2)

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