Sponsors – Firehawk 10!


At Central Elementary School, students are rewarded for exceptional everyday behavior and achievements with a special trip to the main office to receive a much-coveted Firehawk 10 – a simple stamp of a red hand print, usually stamped on the top of their little hands.

Sure, it may be ‘just’ a stamp – not a toy, not a trophy, not a medal – but it still means so much to the students. It means they did a great job. It means they went and above beyond. It means they made a good choice. It means they stood out from the crowd. It is the reason they run to their parents at the end of the day, waving their hand with pride. It means they are Firehawks!

Now that you have an understanding of what it means to receive a Firehawk 10, it is with great pride that we award a Firehawk 10 to our generous sponsors of our 2016 Firehawk Dash. Thank you for helping us reach our fundraising goals. Because of your Firehawk spirit, we have been able to provide important teacher training, classroom supplies, field trips, guest speakers, and new equipment that fall beyond the district’s budgetary reach.

Chick-fila of Longmont
Crackpots Pottery Studio & More
Ellis Bottom Line Bookkeeping
JLB Landscape & Construction Inc
Krista Koth – 8z Real Estate
Martin Marietta
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
Royal Coach Limousine LLC
Stonum Automotive