Friday Folder- Mar. 1, 2019

Weekly NewsMarch 1, 2019
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What a fun day we had at Central celebrating the birthday of Dr Seuss!
Dress Code Note
Dear Parents/Guardians:

I want to remind parents/guardians that we expect you to wear appropriate clothing when you are visiting or volunteering at Central.  If you visit or volunteer in your children’s classrooms please refrain from wearing any clothing that have words or pictures that are inappropriate for school-aged children to be exposed to.  We want to maintain a child-friendly learning environment at Central that is free from any obscene or derogatory words, pictures, or slogans.

I appreciate your understanding and adherence to this expectation.  Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification on what is/is not appropriate to wear in front of our students.



References: Central Discipline Plan Parent Handbook & SVVSD Annual notification to parents  on Behavioral code of Conduct
SCIENCE FAIR Thanks to all the participants in the Central Science Fair held last night! Thanks also to Mr. & Mrs. Barbosa who put in many hours to help make the event a success! Central can boast to having many GREAT SCIENTISTS!!
IB Exhibition Our 5th graders are preparing for the important IB Exhibition on March 18 & 19. Please plan to visit the school during one of the two event times to see their work!
Additional News and Notes 100 Mile Club remember to get those EXTRA MILES!  JUMP ROPE FOR HEART envelopes were due today, but Mr. Rehnberg will gladly accept them through next Wednesday, March 6.REMEMBER SVVSD LATE START WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6!  Students should arrive by 10:55 a.m. Community Schools has an activity available for those who PREREGISTER.  Preschoolers are NOT affected by this schedule.The 5th graders are still trying to raise enough funds to cover their Cal-Wood Adventure… we have a fundraiser at Panera on March 12 to help with this ! Please plan to join us for dinner that night!!Longmont High School Booster Club is hosting a craft fair….and they are looking for more vendors!!    

February 6th Meeting Central PTO Welcomes Grassroots St. Vrain

For this month’s PTO meeting, the Central PTO welcomes Grassroots St. Vrain, an independent, non-profit volunteer organization committed to informing and activating citizens on education-related issues in the greater St. Vrain Valley towns. They will share their School Finance 101 presentation and answer questions about the Colorado state funding formula, why Colorado has local initiatives, and where the money from taxes goes. Take a look at the trailer on our website, and if you’re interested in attending the meeting, check that you’re Interested here on Facebook, or email us at: