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  • Jim Hecocks—Principal:
  • Stephanie Wach—Chair:
  • Heather Swanson—Secretary:
  • Shannon Gill—Vice Chair:
  • Katy Fererro—Vice Secretary:
  • Krista Allard—Treasurer:
  • Marjorie Merges—Vice Treasurer:
  • Loraine O’Keefe—Volunteer Coordinator:

Executive Board Members

  • Kate Hines—PTO Cheerleader:
  • Kimber Hollis – Hospitality:
  • Jen Tjornehoj—
  • Tracy Welker—Enhanced Education Coordinator:

Non-voting Board Members

  • Colleen Carnes—assist chair and vice chair throughout the year:
  • Andrew Matranga—Webmaster & Social Media: