Why should you get involved? 

A large part of what makes Central Elementary School such a special place is the parent involvement. The teachers and staff rely on parents to provide invaluable support throughout the year — providing helping hands in the classroom or in the cafeteria during lunchtime, or helping with after-school clubs and activities.

Even if you cannot be in the classroom during the school day, there are others ways to volunteer — from making meals for teachers during conference weeks to getting dirty in the community garden on weekends or working a booth at the annual carnival. Additionally, some teachers may have tasks you can do at home (e.g. sorting, cutting and/or stapling materials needed for a special activity or project). Or, perhaps you have a unique skill you can contribute, like photography for special events, web design for classroom web sites or grant writing for special causes.

Interested in volunteering?

Email the PTO Board: board@centralpto.org

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