Central’s Got Talent – May 3rd 6pm

On Friday May 3rd at 6pm, will have the first EVER Central’s Got Talent Show. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase singing, dancing, poetry, music, or anything else! We are excited to see what all of our talented students can do! Participation is not required.

Central’s Got Talent will not be a competition. Rather, it is an opportunity to show off something students are proud of. It is also a way to practice being supportive and encouraging of one another in community!

If your student(s) is interested in participating, please fill out and return this form to the office, or e-mail or text it to Kate or Tracy by April 12th. Students may work individually, in pairs, or in groups. Please keep the act about 3 minutes. Be prepared to provide anything needed for the performance such as recordings, music, props, instruments. We may be able to provide certain things (mics, amp, piano), but please ask Tracy or Kate to make sure we have what you need!

If your student does not want to be on stage but would like to help with behind the scenes jobs, such as making posters, helping with sound or lights, greeting, set up, or making programs, please return the form as well.

We will have a dress rehearsal on Tuesday, April 23rd at 6pm.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Kate Hines (k8hines@msn.com, 303-775-0185)Tracy Welker (welker.tracy@gmail.com, 720-999-4523)

Student Name_________________________________________________

Performing With______________________________________________________________

Parent Signature (for Permission)________________________________________________

Description of Talent__________________________________________________________

Backstage Interests_________________________________________________________

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