King Soopers Reloadable Cards


Everyone needs groceries, so why not let a percentage of that grocery bill benefit Central?

Help Central Elementary School earn 5% on all purchases at King Soopers by simply using your Neighborhood Reward Card when shopping.

It’s easy, here’s how:

  1. Buy a card for $5 from the Central PTO. It comes preloaded with $5 on the card.
  2. Go to King Soopers/City Market and fill your cart with everything you need.
  3. At the cashier, show them your card and tell them you’d like to ADD money to the card. You just swipe your credit card and the cashier will add the money to your King Soopers gift card. Up to $500 can be loaded onto the card.
  4. The cashier will ring up your groceries and you will swipe your King Soopers gift card. The amount remaining on the card will be listed on your receipt.
  5. Keep the card and continue to reload the card whenever the dollar amount is low.
  6. Cards can also be used at the King Sooper/City Market and Loaf & Jug gas stations. The card CAN NOT be loaded with additional money AT the pump but if your card has any money on it, you can swipe it at the pump to purchase gas.

Central PTO will receive 5% of all purchases. This has been proven to be an excellent fund raiser at other schools in the district. The PTO will use this funding to support the IB Program, classroom expenses, enrichment programs and special speakers.

Note: Gift cards function like cash and cannot be replaced. They are identified as fundraiser cards and should be reloaded and not thrown away.

You will still receive your regular discounts if you’re a King Sooper member.